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Salam App

Branding, social media and user interface design for a new dating app.

My Contribution
  • Branding
  • UI Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Social Media
Tools Used
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects

The free new app to meet single Muslims near you.

The Salam App is a new dating platform aimed at millennial Muslims. They’ve taken inspiration from the best dating apps currently on the market to provide the same quality of service to their niche audience.

I was responsible for creating the brand identity and designing user interface for the app. The user experience had already been mapped out, so I had to work within those set constraints. I also went on to create images and videos for social media.

Brand Blueprint

The brand needed to appeal to second generation Muslims aged 18-34 based in Europe and North America. Being from that demographic myself, it was easier to design accordingly. The client was also keen to avoid the cliche connotations that have typically been associated with Muslims, such as a crescent moon and geometric shapes. Armed with this information, I constructed a moodboard which would go on to guide my design decisions on the project.

Celebrating Swipes

The swiping feature has become the standardised method for declaring interest in dating apps. It is an easy and fun gesture for the user to make, and so it was the preferred technique the client wanted to implement. We also added some buttons at the bottom as an alternative mode of indicating attraction for those who wish to use a more traditional mechanism.

If two users show mutual interest, the match is celebrated through a wave of confetti, encouraging the users to either introduce themselves to each other or continue discovering more people. I felt it was important to really emphasise each new match to make it a gratifying experience, so they continue using the app in search for another successful match.

Persuasive Posts

The primary platform used to push the brand and promote the app was through social media. I was asked to create a design language which can be translated to both text and image based posts, while still being distinctive enough to stand out from a crowded feed. I also had to ensure it would be easy enough for the client to update themselves on a regular basis. 

It was really easy to work with Ali. He listened to all of our requirements and it was clear from very early on that he understood our vision. The resulting design is exactly what we were after. Something modern and intuitive.

R BegumFounder, Salam App

Working with Ali was a breeze. His handovers were straightforward and made my life as a developer so much easier. We regularly bounced ideas and had great communication throughout the project.

Samuel HarrisonDeveloper, Salam App

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