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Asda Money

Campaign design in print and digital formats created for the Asda Money brand

Asda have built their reputation on providing great value for money to their customers. As one of the many sub-brands which live under the main company name, Asda Money offers currency solutions conveniently located directly within their supermarkets.

My job was to create a number of design assets which conform to their strict brand guidelines. Everything from the photography style to the unique iconography had to be considered and ensure it was on-brand. Creative assets ranged from store mock-ups, digital screen designs and various other print materials for both marketing as well as internal staff.

My work was appreciated so much that the team asked me to also design an early iteration for what the Asda Money app UI could look like. This was mostly done under a non-disclosure agreement which prevents me from sharing the work in my portfolio.

Asda Money bureau marketing guide
Bureau reopening guidebook for staff
Poster design
Travel Money disposable wallet
Leaflet design
All of the marketing materials illustrated in the brochure were also designed
In-store travel money bureau mockup
Asda Money App UI concept

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